Meet the Marcianos

Date:Oct 24, 2012

The Marcianos: Some families are called to adopt, but the Marcianos are called to foster.

They sat through the seminar listening to the other families. The other couples talked about preferred hair color and eye color. Tim and Alyssa Marcinano walked away from the meeting feeling as though adoption may not the right path for them after all.

While seeking to build a family and serve God, the decision between adopting and fostering is one a lot of families struggle to make. The Marcinanos were no exception.

As Tim and Alyssa began looking into other opportunities to serve children in need, they knew the Lord was leading them to foster. Tim expressed, “The focus on the child is what really drew us to foster care versus adoption for our situation–to put the child first. That was really our goal to help them get on the right track because a lot of these children have not had the opportunities to be shown what a real true life and a happy life could be.”

Once the decision to foster was made, the Marcianos had to now identify a foster care agency. Tim and Alyssa have no biological children of their own, so taking in a foster child was adding a different dynamic to their household that they did not know how to fully prepare for. Tim says, “We decided to use FaithBridge because there was such a good support group there. They have what they call the ‘Community of Care’ which really just lets you know you’re not doing this alone. There are others there with you that walk you through every step of the process, whether it’s bringing you meals or just a phone call letting you know that they are there if you need advice.”

Serving with a Christian foster care agency was also strong desire of Tim and Alyssa. They wanted to raise children placed in their care as God would see fit. As the Marcianos put their faith in God during their first foster placement, they knew FaithBridge was supporting them in that same faith and prayer.

Throughout the process, their church was the other backbone to their support. When the church and FaithBridge came together to sustain the family, it allowed them to grow in their faith, and their connection with their church grew stronger as well. Alyssa explained, “As our faith grew, that’s when we knew we had to step up and be foster parents. This is God’s plan for us, so it’s only natural that we work through our church in doing this.”

Tim and Alyssa have grown closer as a couple through this process and have seen an unexpected improvement in their foster child in the matter of a just a few short weeks. As they embrace their first foster placement, they are learning the ups and downs of being first-time parents and learning about what it means to fully surrender to God.