Meet the 1 Million

Meet the families and volunteers that are investing in the lives of serving the abandoned, neglected and abused. In addtion to opening their homes, these individuals are also sharing the Gospel of Hope and the love of Jesus to area children and their families. Join them in this movement.

Are you 1 of the 1 Million? Know someone who is? Nominate someone to be interviewed for their story and added to this page. Contact us at

Meet the Ballaghs

The Ballaghs: A perfect illustration of what it can look like for a foster family to demonstrate God’s love by coming alongside a family in crisis.
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Meet the Marcianos

The Marcianos: Some families are called to adopt, but the Marcianos are called to foster.
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Meet the Haines

The Haines: Their experience with, wisdom and heart for fostering children in crisis is a gift to everyone around them.
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Meet the McKissons

The McKisson Family: Demonstrating that God never gives you more than you can handle.
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Meet the Campbells

The Campbells: Serving children and families through foster care is not just a ministry, but a part of their everyday lives.
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Meet Cindy Bare

Cindy Bare: A grandmother of six enjoys being an honorary grandparent to the foster children she transports.
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